I graduated in May 2015 with an M.S. in Economic Systems Design from the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University. This degree blends behavioral and experimental economics to explain human behavior and market performance.

I have a strong research background and experience using a broad set of computational tools in my coursework and research projects. Having graduated from one of the best behavioral economics programs in in the country, I have experience modeling economic environments and running economic experiments in a controlled laboratory setting. I am proficient with R, Mathematica, SQL, SAS, and Stata, and I have scripted genetic algorithms and dynamic programs to solve strategic problems such as capital investment in energy markets, health care, and real estate.

I have a keen interest in financial markets, and conducted a project evaluating the actuarial fairness of the American call option. I have a solid understanding of both classical and Bayesian statistics, and experience using many different statistical models. My work experience includes two years at Nielsen Catalina Solutions where I was exposed to Big Data while researching the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Additionally, I secured a graduate research assistant position while pursuing my Masters, which involved extensive data processing, validation, visualization, and written reports.

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